Women’s Fly Fishing Class

Women’s Fly Fishing Class:

Women’s Fly Fishing Class is about learning to fly fish in a fun and relaxed environment. Students in this class will learn the fundamentals necessary to get out and enjoy the sport of fly fishing on their own. This class is taught by our very own Female Fly Fishing Guide, Audra Pearson. Audra is an accomplished and respected guide/instructor in Northern Colorado. Why offer a women’s only class you ask? Audra says “It levels the playing field and creates a sense of community, learning to fly fish for some women without guys means less intimidation.” Audra does note that this doesn’t hold true for all women. As a professional guide and instructor Audra just wants everyone to get out and enjoy the sport of fly-fishing. For more information on our Women’s Only Class please contact Audra at 970-217-6795.

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