Learn How to Fly Fish the Cache La Poudre in Winter.

How to Fly Fish the Cache La Poudre in Winter.

Fly-Fishing the Cache La Poudre River in Winter can be productive if you know what to use. As a Fly-Fishing Guide the only time I really get to fish for myself is during the off season. Over the course of 12 years working here in Northern Colorado and another 14 guiding throughout the Western United States I have narrowed it down to the essentials.

Rod/Leader/Tippet and Split Shot/Indicator:

  • I prefer a 9ft 4 Weight.
  • 9ft 5x Leader
  • 6x Tippet.
  • Micro Shot #6.
  • Small Pinch-on Indicator.

Winter Gear:

  • 3 or 4 weight rods can be fun this time of year.
  • Reel should match rod.
  • Fingerless Gloves.
  • Warm Hat.
  • Under Wader Wear.
  • Rain or Snow Jacket, something that will keep you warm.
  • Flask of High Quality Whiskey or not.
  • Wool Socks.

Winter Cache La Poudre Fly Fishing Techniques.

For December and much of January I use a double nymph rig. I do not get crazy with length here. From the double surgeons’ knot where I put my split shot I am dropping my 6x tippet 10-12 inches to my first fly. From the bend in the hook of the first fly I will tie on another piece of 6x tippet. Again, my tippet length will be 10-12 inches and this is where I will attach my second fly. The trout are somewhat lethargic in colder weather so“High Sticking” will help with strike detection. If the water is deep enough certainly use a small strike indicator. I prefer the small pinch-on foam indicators. A dry dropper is also a good way to fish the Cache La Poudre this time of year. From the dry fly I like to drop my nymph about 1 ½ feet using 6x tippet. As the year progresses look for the dry fly fishing to pick up. This usually happens in February. The Deeper more oxygenated water is going to be where you will find the most fish.

Winter Fly Selection:

  • Dries
  1. #18 Old Town Midge
  2. #18 Mullet Midge
  3. #18 Highlander Midge
  • Nymphs
  1. #20 All American
  2. #20 Mavis Midge
  3. #20 97oh (purple)
  4. #20 970 (blue)
  5. #20 Glass-O-Wine
  6. #20 Ouzel Midge

Cache La Poudre | Winter Fly Collection

Let our Fort Collins Fly Fishing Guides hand tie custom trout flies for you. Our Guides will happily hand tie you a dozen custom trout flies to match the current conditions for winter fly fishing on the Cache La Poudre. Cost: 1 Dozen- $22.00 (6 patterns, 2 each).

Learn How to Fly Fish the Cache La Poudre River in Winter.
Learn How to Fly Fish the Cache La Poudre River in Winter.






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