Tying the All American #20

It’s time to make Merica great again. This is our go to dropper fly for fly fishing around here in the fall and winter. We have also floated in Northern Wy and Montana and just slayed it using this fly. If you would like us to tie up a dozen for you at $22.00 just let us know and we will make that happen.



Montana Fly Light Wire Scud Hook 7048 #20

Montan Fly Tungston Beads Silver 1/16

Red extra small wire

Blue small wire

UV dubbing

Grey Thread 8/0


Tie in the red and blue wire together. Wrap them both back to the mid point and split them. The blue wire should go to the back and the red wire should go to the to the head.

Keep wrapping the blue wire to the back with the grey 8/0 thread. The red wire stays put for now.

Wrap the blue wire forward. Make the wraps as tight as you can get them.

Now wrap the red wire forward. Do not cut off the blue wire you should be wrapping the red wire over the blue. This will add bulk since the blue is thicker than the red

Tie off the wire and dub on some UV dubbing. Use a very small amount. Think thin to win. You are now ready to get out and kick some ass.

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