The Best Fly For Fly Fishing Near Fort Collins

Our number #1 go to, must have fly, gonna have a slow day without is the All American #20. I Don’t know what it is about this fly in the fall and winter on the Cache La Poudre and Big Thompson that makes the trout hit when they don’t wanna hit. Lately we have been dropping it about 2 feet below a BWO Cripple #18 with tremendous results. Guided this past weekend on the Cache La Poudre in town. Lots of midges and a few BWO’s flying about. The takes on the surface were not really happening but dropping the All American off the back sure made for some happy clients. The size of the fish were not what I was hoping for but the numbers where there fosho. River is running low again, so long leaders with 6x tippet are a must. Leave the thigymigbobberdobbers at home the fish are extremely skittish and take off at the loudest of farts. We found that wading slow and long casts produced the best results. We haven’t gotten all of our flies up on the new website so if you would like a dozen All American’s please drop me a line a or call us at 9702945414 and we will make it happen. For guided fly fishing trips on the Cache La Poudre or Big Thompson River below Lake Estes please contact us at

All American #20
All American #20

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