Switch Rod Casting Class

Switch Rod Casting Class

Learn to Cast a Switch Rod on the Poudre for Trout.

Switch Rod Casting Class: Liarflies and Rocky Mountain Adventures in Northern Colorado offers a Switch Rod Casting lesson. These trout friendly switch rods are gaining in popularity with Anglers in Colorado. With close proximity to the Colorado River and the Cache La Poudre casting a switch rod can be an appealing alternative for Northern Colorado Fly Fisherman. Switch rods can be fished with one or two hands. Switch rods are normally 11 to 10 ½ feet in length and can be found in line weights all the way down to 3/4. The students in our switch rod class will learn the essential spey casts such as the snake roll, snap-t and the double spey. Our students will also learn how these multi-faceted angling tools can be used to pursue trout in our own backyard. This is an 8 hour class. We will actively pursue trout while practicing our cast. Please come and join us for this fun and relaxed introduction into switch rods. Switch Rod Casting Class Cost: $180. This class is taught on the water and students will need to have a Colorado Fishing License. For more information about our Switch Rod lesson please contact Rocky Mountain Adventures at (800) 858-6808 or visit us at www.shoprma.com.

We Will Teach You:

-The Essential Spey Casts: Learn the snake roll, snap-t and the double spey casts.

-The Versatile Uses of a Switch Rod: Overhead casting and nymphing.

Learn to cast a switch rod on the Cache La Poudre River
Cache La Poudre Switch Rod Casting Class