Poudre River Fly Fishing in Town

Fly Fishing the Poudre River in Town is just…Meh.

Fly-Fishing the Poudre in Town. When you can find moving water look for the deepest part to hold fish. Not a bad way to spend a few hours during the day though. Especially if you got new fly fishing gear for the Holidays. Flows in Fort Collins are really low right now. Midges have been emerging until 2 pm. Nymph fishing the deeper runs with a double nymph rig produced a few trout today. We saw one fish hit the surface.

Guide Recommended Flies: #20 All American, #20 Ouzel Midge, #20 Mavis Midge and #18 Old Town Midge.


Fly Fishing the Poudre River in Town
Poudre River Fishing in Town



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