Learn Nymph Fishing Techniques

Learn Nymph Fishing Techniques

Learn Nymph Fishing Techniques: Let Liarflies help you increase your catch rate. Liarflies and Rocky Mountain Adventures Nymph Fishing Class is an introductory four hour class focused exclusively on the art of nymph fishing with a fly rod. Trout feed primarily on sub-surface insects or nymphs. Learning the correct nymph fishing techniques will greatly increase your catch rate when fly fishing in Colorado. By taking this class you will learn the basics of nymph fishing with indicators, multiple flies, weights, proper gear, essential knots and entomology. Also, you will learn the high stick and the essential dead drift techniques along with how to recognize takes, properly set your hook and how to play and land fish. This class is very informative and fun so come prepared to spend lots of time on the water to learn and refine your skills. Cost of class is $95 for 4 hrs of instruction. Limited to 4 people. Classes are every Saturday and Sunday on the Cache La Poudre. For more information or to book this class please visit us at Rocky Mountain Adventures: Colorado Whitewater Rafting Kayaking Fly Fishing or call (800) 858-6808.

Let us hand tie a dozen flies for your next outing. We will hand tie you the same flies that we use on all of our guided fly fishing trips and fly fishing classes. Click here to visit fly collections.

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