Good Fly-Fishing near Fort Collins

Good Fly-Fishing on the Cache la Poudre near Fort Collins

Beautiful Brown Caught in Town

The fly-fishing in Fort Collins, Colorado continues to be good. Keep your indicators and split shot at home. These fish are spooky. I have read a report telling folks to use large dry flies with a dropper. That is a really good idea if you want to practice your casting, not so good if you wanna catch fish. 9ft leaders tappered down with 6X tippet is an absolute must. Best results are gonna come from using a small dry with a small dropper. Set the dropper a good 2ft plus below the dry. A good reach cast is also a must. Wade sofly and slowly. Don’t fart to loud either. Our Cache la Poudre guide recommended flies are: Old Town Midge #18, All American #20, 97oh #20, Glass-O-Wine #20 and BWO Cripple #18.

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