Fort Collins Fly Fishing|Fly Fishing the Cache La Poudre River

Fly Fishing Fort Collins|Fly Fishing The Cache La Poudre

The Cache la Poudre River population of Wild Brown Trout will bring smiles to the Faces of Visting Anglers.

Fly Fishing the Cache La Poudre River near Fort Collins, Colorado. From its headwaters in the Rocky Mountain National Park to the city of Fort Collins, the Cache la Poudre River contains vast amounts of Brown, Rainbow and Cutthroat trout. The lower sections of the canyon parallels Highway 14. This allows for miles of public access for local and visiting anglers. Float fishing the Poudre is possible in the Elephant Rock area as well in lower sections closer to Fort Collins. The Poudre has an abundant insect population which results in prolific hatches. The Green Drake Hatch in Mid July is the one hatch that most local fly fisherman pay particular attention to. Colorado Fishing Report. Cache La Poudre Fly Collections.


Cache La Poudre River Hatches:

-Feb to April: Midges

-April to May: Midges, Blue Winged Olives

-May-July: Caddis, Stoneflies and Blue Winged Olives

-July-August: Pale Morning Duns, Green Drakes

-August-November: Midges, Blue Winged Olives and Tricos

Cache La Poudre River Equipment:

-Fly Rod: 4-5 weight 8.6 to 9 foot

-Reel: Disc or mechanical

-Line: Floating

-Leader: 9ft 4x or 5x

-Tippet: 5x or 6x

-Wading: Like walking on greased bowling balls. A wading staff is a great idea.

Best Months to Fish the Cache La Poudre

-Year Round: Year round fly fishing opportunities exist.

Nearby Fishing Opportunities.

Fly Fishing Estes Park: Rocky Mountain National Park, Big Thompson River

-Fly Fishing Fort Collins: North Fort Cache La Poudre River

-Fly Fishing Walden: North Platte River

Fly Fishing the Poudre River near Fort Collins
Fort Collins Fly Fishing|Cache La Poudre River



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