Fly Fishing with Children

Take your Children Fishing

Fly-Fishing is a life long sport

By daughter is 11 now and she has been fly fishing since she was 4. She caught her first fish on her third cast. Most importantly her and I now share a deep appreciation of the outdoors. Tip #1 Bring food, snacks and drinks. #2 Sunglasses, make sure they fit and they wear them at all times. #3 Let them explore, flip over rocks, look for bugs, wade in the water and whatever else keeps them entertained and safe. #4 Have appropriate gear. Make sure the boots and waders fit and that the rod is light weight. # 5 If you do hire a guide don’t go for a full day trip unless your kids are really into it. My experience has been that a 4 hr trip is about right. #6 Fish where there are fish. The Rocky Mountain National Park is a perfect place. Lots of brook trout. #6 Let them do it by themselves, it builds confidence. #7 Have fun make sure to take a look around. Time is flying by you will never get it back.

Kids fishing in the rocky mountain national park
The RMNP is a kid friendly place to go Fly Fishing

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