Fly Fishing the Cache La Poudre with a Great Midge Pattern

The Old Town Midge was designed for Dry Fly Fishing on the Cache La Poudre and Big Thompson River.

Old Town Midge #18

We designed this pattern for dry fly fishing on the Cache la Poudre and the Big Thompson River here in Northern Colorado during the late fall and winter months. It is an outstanding Midge Pattern. It is tied to resemble an adult midge that has made its emergence but got stuck in its shuck. During the Fall and Winter on the Poudre the dry fly fishing can be sparse. If you do encounter trout breaking the surface you can bet that they are taking midges. This is our go to pattern. It is highly visable compared to other midge patterns and bouyant enough to handle a dropper such as a midge pupa or larva. This fly will definitetly be included in our fly collections durning those months.

Dry Fly midge pattern for angling on the Cache La Poudrer
Our go to Midge Pattern for Dry Fly Fishing on the Cache La Poudre

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