Fly Fishing Fort Collins

Fly Fishing Fort Collins.

Fly Fishing in Fort Collins can be amazing. Wherever a major road crosses over the Poudre you can generally find public access. One of the first things I mention to the local folks that take our Colorado Beginner Anglers Class is that the trout fishing in town can be amazing. They are often surprised at this. In this post I will not give out the hot spots. I like to leave that up to the readers. I will say that the fish are plenty and it is not unheard of to catch 1 or 2 pushing in the high teen inches. With that being said those big fish are not easily caught. Especially during the winter months when the biggins are feeding top side on size #20 midges in two feet of water. I swear sometimes you can not fart without spooking them. Sometimes during the winter it can be colder than a well diggers ass. As local fly-fisherman we can easily be off the water and on a toasty warm bar stool in under 20 minutes. Not that I do that…I am just saying.The in town fishing is still rebounding from the flood of a couple of years ago. But as the years have past it has steadily gotten better. So next time the crowds in the lower canyon section got you down or you only have an hour or two to kill after work give the Poudre in town a try.

Fly Fishing in Fort Collins can be amazing in the Fall, Winter and early Spring.
Fly Fishing Fort Collilns

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