Cache La Poudre River Fly Fishing | Information

Cache La Poudre River Fly Fishing | Information

The Cache La Poudre is the only river in Colorado designated Wild and Scenic. The Poudre is one of the largest rivers in Colorado draining to the Eastern Plains. With an excellent insect population the Poudre is home to Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and Cutthroat Trout. With vast fly fishing terrain and 40 plus miles of public access the Cache La Poudre is truly the “Crown Jewel” of Northern Colorado Fly Fishing.

Types of Trout:

Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and Cutthroat Trout.

Hatches for the Cache La Poudre:

Midges: All year long

Stoneflies: April-July

Blue Winged Olives: April-October

Caddis: May-September

Pale Morning Dun: July-August

Drakes: July-August

Red Quills: August

Tricos: August-October

Flies to use on the Cache La Poudre River:

Midges: (Dries) #18 Old Town Midge, #18 Highlander Midge and #18 Mullet Midge. (Nymphs)  #20 Glass-O-Wine. #20 Ouzel Midge and #20 Mavis Midge.

Blue Winged Olives: (Dries) #18 BWO Cripple, #18 2nd Chance and #18 PEC. (Nymphs) #18 J’s BWO Emerger, #18 Mavis PT and #18 PT Loser.

Caddis: (Dries) #14 EC Caddis, #14 Caddis Grey. (Nymphs) #16 CLP Caddis, #16 Mavis Caddis and #16 Caddis Hundidos.

Stoneflies: (Dries) #12 Instigator. (Nymphs) #12 Blackout Stone.

Pale-Morning Duns: (Dries) #16 PMD Cripple and #16 PEC. (Nymphs) #16 J’s PMD Emerger, #16 Mavis PT and #16 PT Loser.

Drakes: (Dries) #12 Drake Cripple.

Dirt Bag Guide Flies: #20 97oh, #16 Electro Penguin and #20 All American.

Gear for Fly Fishing the Cache La Poudre:

4wt or 5wt Fly Rod.

9ft or 7.5ft leader in 4x or 5x.

5x or 6x tippet.

Floating line to match rod weight.

Breathable waders with a wading belt and felt wading boots. Although wet wading is an option in the heat of summer. Just be aware of rattlesnakes. Wading staff is advised if you are a little uneasy with your wading skills.

Liarflies: Cache La Poudre Fly Collection is a good way to get the go to flies. Our Cache La Poudre Fly Fishing Guides will hand tie a dozen (6 patterns 2 each) custom trout flies to match the current conditions on the Poudre.

Polarized Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Liarflies Hat, Rain Jacket, extra clothing in-case you go swimming.

A Colorado Fishing License.

Nearby Fly Fishing Opportunities:

Big Thompson River, North Platte, Red Feather Lakes, North Fork of the Poudre and the Rocky Mountain National Park.


Fort Collins is the closest city. Plenty of camping along the river. A great place to grab lunch or dinner and take in a concert is at the Mishawaka.

Cache La Poudre River Fly Fishing
Cache La Poudre River Fly Fishing