Fall Fly Fishing on the Cache la Poudre River Near Fort Collins

Fall Fly Fishing Near Fort Collins, Colorado

This is my absolute favorite time to get out and fly-fish on the Cache La Poudre. Our guided trips are starting to slow down so we get to get out a do some fly fishing for ourselves. Currently on the Poudre the flows are low. The browns are done spawing for the most part. Blue Winged Olives are winding down and the trout are getting spoking, but on the feed fosho. Our guide recommended flies for the Cache la Poudre are: All American #20, BWO Cripple #18, Highlander BWO #18, 97oh in red #20 and the Old Town Midge #18. 9ft leaders tappered down to 6X tippet are the two traits of highly succesful fly fisherman on the Poudre. I see lots of folks out there tossing double nymph rigs with split and indicators those are traits of not so succesful fly fisherman on the Poudre right now. I kid enjoy it anyway you want.

Picking a winner on the Cache La Poudre

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