Estes Park Fly Fishing Guides Report

Estes Park Fly Fishing Guides Report.

Our Estes Park Fly Fishing Guides report that the fly fishing on the Big Thompson River below Lake Estes is pretty darn good. Highway 34 construction has limited the access so the pressure on the fishery is low. Our Fly Fishing guides out of Estes Park are reporting a good to strong hatch of BWO’s with a few October Caddis in the mix. Look for the trout to be in the deeper runs. Keep in mind that those poor fish see a lot of boots through out the season. A 9 ft 5x leader tapered to 6x tippet is the way to go. Using a dry dropper rig has been money. Please keep in mind that the brown trout spawn is on. So please let them do their thing. Our Estes Park Fly Fishing Guides choice for flies are a #18 BWO Cripple, #18 2nd Chance BWO, #18 J’s BWO Emerger, #20 97oh and last but not least the oh so deadly #20 All American.

Estes Park Fly Fishing Guides Recommended Flies
Estes Park Fly Fishing Guides Recommended Flies

Colorado Beginner Fly Fishing Class in Estes Park.

We are fortunate to hold a special use permit for the Big Thompson River Below Lake Estes. This special use permit allows us to legally offer commercial fly fishing activities on the Forest Service Land below Estes. We utilized these permits in our on the water Beginner Anglers Fly Fishing Lesson in Estes Park, Colorado. By conducting the beginner lesson on the water our students will get the feel and have the ability to practice on the water. Cost of our Beginner Anglers Fly Fishing Class is $115.00. This price includes lunch.

Big Thompson River Fly Collection.

Planning a fly fishing trip to Estes Park? Why not let our Estes Park Fly Fishing Guides tie up a dozen flies that they are currently using on our Guided Fly Fishing Trips in Estes. Cost for a Big Thompson Collection is $22.00. It will be 6 pattern (2 each) that will match the current conditions for Fly Fishing in Estes Park.


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