Elkhorn 5wt Namaqua Fly Rod

Elkhorn: 5wt Namaqua Fly Rod

Elkhorn 5wt Namaqua fly rod. The 5wt Namaqua is an excellent beginner rod for a great price. The Namaqua Fly Rod is a medium action rod with a lot of feel in the tip section. I used this rod in one of our Beginner Anglers Classes last weekend and found that it could handle most situations well. I especially like how responsive it was when I was instructing my client on line mending. We set this rod up with Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX line. We tried other lines with this rod and this is the line that Super Guide Evan and I felt gave us the best bend. The Namaqua made short casts of twenty feet and long casts of fifty feet well. The Namaqua is a nymph friendly 9 footer. It comes with a cloth rod case. You can purchase this rod as a combo with a AE Series Reel. We are definitely going to ask the owners of Elkhorn Fly Shop if we can add this rod to our cache of rods we use in our Beginner Anglers Class.


Elkhorn: Namaqua Fly Rod


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