Down but not out!

Low water on the Cache la Poudre

Although the water on the Cache La Poudre is relatively low for this time it doesn’t mean you can’t get out and have a good time fly fishing. Your best bet for hooking fish is to look for the deeper slower runs. I guarantee that trout will be stacked in there. Once you have fished the hole it’s time to move on to the next. The weather has also been an issue with it being so freakin hot. Look for that to change later this week. As I write this we have good cloud coverage in the canyon. The clouds are gonna make the trout not so spooky and more willing to feed in the open. Our guide recommended flies are: J’s BWO Emerger #18 Grey, BWO Cripple #18, 97oh #20 in Grey and blue, Old Town Midge #18. For a guided fly fishing trip on the Cache la Poudre please contact us at

Derek with a nice Brown Trout caught in town

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