Category: Dry Flies for Colorado

Highlander Midge

Highlander Midge a dry fly pattern

Highlander Midge   Highlander Midge is a year round champion. Fly-Fishermen have caught rainbow and brown trout on this dry fly from New Mexico to Wyoming. One of our favorite patterns for the Cache La Poudre in town. Single Price: $1.89  3 Pack Price: $5.49

2nd Chance BWO Emerger #18


Because BWOs are small, when they emerge they tend to have difficulty breaking the water surface & many will be ensnared just below the surface making them susceptible to hungry trout. The 2nd Chance BWO is an all foam BWO Emerger w/CDC Wings & floats right where the trout want their BWO’s…just below the surface. Single…

The Instigator #14 (Stonefly Pattern)

The Instigator is our humble nod to a classic.  This fly pattern has a foam body and floats like a cork when used with a bead head dropper. This is one of our best flies for big brown trout when fly fishing on The Cache la Poudre River near Fort Collins, Colorado . Single Price: $2.00 3 Pack Price: $5.49

Highlander BWO #18

The Highlander BWO is an absolute fish magnet. The Highlander BWO is irresistible to brown trout and rainbow trout alike during the spring and fall on The Cache la Poudre, Upper Colorado and The Big Thompson River. Our best dry fly pattern for a Blue Winged Olive hatch. Single Price: $Sold Out 3 Pack Price: $Sold Out