Cache La Poudre River in Town

Cache La Poudre River in Town:

Cache La Poudre River in Town offers plenty of fly fishing opportunities. With copious amount of public access the Poudre River flowing through the Town of Fort Collins will make any fisherman smile. When the canyon section is iced up in the colder months fly fisherman can find open water in town to wet a line. Some of the bigger fish that we have caught on the Poudre have been in town during the winter. Winter fly fishing means small midges with light leaders and tippets. In our opinion the Poudre has not gotten back to pre fire and flood conditions but has made significant gains. The beauty of this fishery is not having to spend a lot of windshield time to get to it. It’s proximity to town allows fast access in the morning and easy access to a cold beer afterwards.

Brown Trout
RMA Fly Fishing Guide DJ with a Nice In Town Brown

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