BWO’s Hatching on Poudre

BWO’s Hatching on Poudre:

As of late there has been a very weak hatch on the Cache La Poudre river in the Canyon section. Flows are still some what slow. We have found it most effective to toss a dry dropper rig. For this we have been using a #18 BWO Cripple with a #20 All American, #20 Mavis Midge, #20 97oh (Olive and Brown) dropped 2 ft below. Looking for fish rising in faster water will also limit the number for refusals….less time for the trout to inspect your flies. In Town we have been having success during the lull in action using a #12 Instigator (Black). Now is the time to take our Beginner Anglers’ Class. For more information please call (800) 858-6808 or visit Rocky Mountain Adventures

Guide Recommended Flies: Dries– #18 BWO Cripple and #12 Instigator (Black). Nymphs- #20 All American, #20 Mavis Midge, #20 97oh (Olive and Brown)

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