Bug Spray and Despair!

Our guide Jason getting it done on the Poudre

My nine year old daughter once asked me why my Xterra always smelled so bad. I told her its because I work as a fishing guide and some times things like boots and wader can get a little funky, especially when its hot out. This was when she pinched her nose and told me it “smelled like bug spray and despair”. Truer words have never been spoken. With that being said, our fly fishing guides are reporting good fly fishing on the Poudre in town.

Guide Recommend flies for the Poudre in Town: 97oh #20 in blue, J’s BWO Emerger in Grey, Spun Out Trico #18, EC Caddis #16.

Our boy Jason Getting it done on the Cache la Poudre River in Town. Using a Liarflies 97oh #20

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