Bring your A-Game if you are gonna fish on the Poudre

Low water makes for spooky fish on the Cache la Poudre river.

Where has all the water gone? I have never seen it this low at this time of year. Low water has definitely made the trout skittish. I will be honest we had some tough trips this weekend. Our clients hooked fish but it is not nearly what we should be getting for September. Keep in mind we stay away from the stockers in the lower water and work from Century Park on up. Baetis are really kicking in and the trout are noticing. Still tricos in the AM and Baetis starting around 1. Our five best flies for fly fishing on the Cache La Poudre River near Fort Collins are: J’s BWO Emerger #18 in grey, 97oh #20 in grey, 97oh #20 in blue, BWO Cripple #18 in grey and an Avis Mayfly #18.

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