Colorado Beginner Fly Fishing Class

Colorado Beginner Fly Fishing Class | Fort Collins

Learn How to Fly Fish in our Fort Collins, Colorado Beginner Fly Fishing Class. Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly fish? Our fly fishing for beginners class can help with that. All Rocky Mountain Adventures and Liarflies fly fishing guides are Colorado certified teachers. Using special use permits Liarflies has access to the Cache La Poudre River. Our guides will instruct you in the fly fishing basics on the water. This Beginner Anglers Fly Fishing Class is designed to cut 5 years off the learning curve. All of our beginner fly fishing classes are taught on the water where the fish are actually at. By teaching this class on the water students will learn the nuances of the sport that cannot be taught on grass at a park. This Fort Collins Fly-Fishing Lesson is 6 hours in length. Lunch will be provided. Beginner Fly Fishing Class Cost: $125. This price not only includes lunch it also includes flies, leader and tippet. As well as boots and waders. For more information please contact our Fort Collins fly fishing guides at or call us at 800.858.6808. A Colorado fishing license is required for the Fort Collins Beginner Fly Fishing Class.

Students in our Colorado Beginner Fly Fishing Class in Fort Collins will learn:

-Which rod and line weights work best in Colorado.

-About various rod length and rod flexes.

-How to set up a fly rod.

-About leaders and tippet.

-How to cast a fly rod. Dry fly presentation.

-How to mend a fly and fly line once on the water.

-How to nymph fish with a fly rod.

-Knots and rigging.

-Entomology. How to match a hatch.

-How to fish with a fly rod.


Our Colorado Beginner Fly Fishing Class lets you learn how to fly fish on the water.
Beginner Fly Fishing Class in Fort Collins, Colorado