Custom hand tied trout flies for fly fishing Colorado

Liarflies™ Our custom trout flies are used by the finest fly fisherman and the most experienced fly-fishing guides on The Cache la Poudre River near Fort Collins, Colorado, The Big Thompson River below Lake Estes, The Colorado River, and in The Rocky Mountain National Park here on the Front Range of Northern Colorado.


Dry Flies– When it comes to fly fishing for trout in Northern Colorado it’s hard to think of anything more exciting than casting a dry fly to a riser. We’ve put together our favorite dry flies for fly fishing in Northern Colorado. These flies have brought more than a few smiles to the faces of the fly-fishermen that have used them.


NymphsNymphs– Since trout spend about 85-90% of their time feeding below the surface it would be advantageous to have a good mix of nymphs in your fly box.  Liarflies™ takes great pride in their nymph patterns. Each nymph pattern has proven its worth on guided fly fishing trips on The Cache la Poudre River, The Big Thompson River below Lake Estes and in the Rocky Mountain National Park here in Northern Colorado.